Youth Group ‘Initiation’

How is it already July!? This summer is going so fast! Our baby girl is already 6 months and we are soaking up every minute and trying to be present in her life! It’s a challenge balancing everything, but we are figuring it out as we go along! She is such a joy!

The youth group summer is off to a great start! Our youth group is 7th-12th grade and at the beginning of summer we have a new member ‘initiation’. Most of the younger kids at church we already know pretty well (and their families) and they are usually counting down the days until they get to join the youth group activities and sit up front with the older kids!

Once all the graduation festivities were over, we continued with the tradition of the new youth group member ‘initiation’. Don’t worry, all their parents were aware and involved to help make this work! We go to the new 7th grade students’ houses and ‘kidnap’ the kids early in the morning before they wake up! The girls go in one van and the guys in the other and we show up to their houses! I’m sure to the neighbors this looks terrifying, especially since our van is unmarked!

The parents let us in and we sneak up to their door and wake them up (in a variety of different ways) and take them in their pajamas to IHOP (which is evidently called IHOB now, but don’t get me started on that). Besides a few dogs waking up the kids first, and some needing to put on a few extra articles of clothing, it was a success!

We had over 20 kids show up to IHOP at crazy early hours of the morning! We all enjoyed hanging out after and getting to know the younger kids better! I think if someone woke me up and put me in a van as a 7th grader I would be terrified and beg my mom to stay home! I am super introverted and that sounds like my worst nightmare! Luckily all the kids had fun and are excited to get to ‘kidnap’ their other younger friends in the coming years!

June has been a great month! We have done so much, some of what I will share in my later post! Some of the group is headed to the Dominican Republic next week! I’ll be visiting with family and staying with our baby girl this time around! Praying that God will work through them!


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Let me introduce myself! My name is Lisa and I was born and raised in Georgia! I attended a Christian University in Arkansas where I met my husband Peter in 2011! Peter was born in the UK and he has an awesome British accent! I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and he has his degree in Bible and Ministry! While we dated Peter preached at several small churches! We knew he was wanting to have a full time job in ministry but we didn’t know where God would lead us! We thought about moving back to the UK and working with the church there but God had other plans in mind! We got married in 2013 and while considering different jobs we ended up in a small town in Texas where Peter accepted the full time youth minster position! After being an aid in a public elementary school for half of a year, I was offered a job at our church’s preschool and became a 3 year old teacher! Working at the same location allowed us to share one car, see each other, and be involved in each other’s ministries! In 2017 we had our first baby girl who is now 5 months!

I always thought I’d grow up and be a teacher, have a businessman husband, a few kids, and a dog while living in a cute little house! If you told me I’d end up being married to a youth minister I would have thought you were crazy! I certainly wouldn’t have thought he would be British or thought I’d be involved in any part of his job!

I decided to start a blog for several reasons:

1) I couldn’t find much out there for pastor’s wives, especially youth minister wives! As Christians we are called to live as Christ followers daily in all that we do! It’s not just a 9-5 job, but it really is 24/7! We are trying our best to minister inside and outside of our home! This is a family commitment! If you are a family in ministry you know it takes the whole family! I’m involved, our kids are involved, our home, schedules, and many other aspects of our lives! It is hard work! We are far from perfect and I know how tough ministry can actually be (from an insider). I decided I would share some thoughts from my introverted self, and have place where if someone is googling, “Youth minister wife”, out there like I was… they will find a friend who may just understand the ups and downs and unknowns of life of ministry!

2) I love sharing about being a first time mommy! My husband and I went to all those classes and still feel like we have no clue what we are doing half of the time! We sure love our little girl to pieces though! We are loving watching our little girl grow and raising her together! It is certainly new and challenging at times, but we are learning together!

3) I am a 3 year old teacher and also teach children’s bible class! I love learning from others and sharing what we are doing and learning! I am very hands on and love exploring and learning through play and new experiences! I love each and every kid and believe love showing them that they can do great things!

4) I am a Christian mom and wife and trying my best to live for Jesus! I mess up daily, but am striving to follow God and serve him the best I can!

If you got this far, sorry that I ramble, can’t spell, and often use incorrect grammar! This isn’t an English paper, just some of my thoughts! Here’s to the start of a brand new week, a new day, and a new start! Make today a good day!

❤ Lisa